"Our mission is to harmonize the world of
design and aesthetics with mindful craft"

Our Vision:

A perfect harmony of different materials, crafted to perfection using both traditional and modern design values.

Our Values:

We are a company driven by an inclusive and uplifting agenda. We seek to create and nurture artists and designers along with their ecosystems,
preserving an untold, yet rich cultural history.



Our Story

Kalakriti’s story goes back to 28 years ago, when we set up our first store that supplied hand made pottery. Kalakriti was formed with the aim to promote art & culture and creating awareness for many other issues for societal development. Kalakriti specializes in customized, high quality products such as Studio Pottery and we cater to all 5 star hotel chains in India.

Kalakriti offers a wide range of household products which are categorized as ceramic, wooden, glassware, stone and metallic based products. Our products are hand made using different moulds depending upon the requirement in different glazes, finishes at various temperatures, depending on the design and end-application. At Kalakriti, we make our own clays, with finished products being food-safe, lead-safe and dishwasher & microwave safe. We ensure only high quality products that can be readily customized to suit our client’s requirements.

Unlike other players in the market, Kalakriti is proud to have in-house manufacturing capabilities of both tunnel and shuttle furnace for its products. This allows us to offer a vast range of products, while maintaining an equilibrium in prices. We are based in Gurgaon and have our own extensive manufacturing facilities in UP and Rajasthan spread over 12000 square feet (Ceramic-7000sq. ft. and Glass-5000sq. ft.). Kalakriti’s philosophy is to ensure that the maximum number of local artisans and weavers are able to participate in our endeavors and thus we are able to contribute to the local economy and society.

We are also ecologically conscious and offer lead free and food grade products. Our products have been conceptualized and designed to ensure top quality, eco-friendly and healthy products for our customers/clients and the society in general.

Our clients include all 5 star chains in India. We also export our products all across the world, with existing clients in Italy, Middle East, UK, etc.